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An incompatible server upgrade, and "help" fixing the site has created a 3+ month delay in function. I have done a quick hack to restore partial access for now.

I think it probably all started in a sand box, designing roads and bridges and cities. I don't remember when I began to draw, but the feeling of creating is the same to me, no matter what the media.

My eyesight was going, due to my neurological condition (Intracranial Hypertension / Pseudotumor Cerebri), so I have decided to open up downloading of the original sizes of my artwork. Since beginning to lose my vision, I'd been writing to replace the creating I used to do as drawing and painting. Since having a great deal of my vision restored by having a new tube set into my brain... I've been struggling with ongoing memory loss, while still attempting to write coherently. Donations still welcome. Thanks.

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